Globally Green

Since 2014  The Green Teen Team — founded by H.S.H. Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein — has connected like-minded young people around the world to  provide life-changing educational opportunities about the environment.  Go green.  Go global.  Gratitude to  Anne Crawford and Ellie for telling me about this green goodness. So Suzy Says.  

Rock Out

ION Job Rocker Max Bluetooth Speaker packs a lot of volume into its (WxDxH): 9.25″ x 15.35″ x 16.38” self.  Perfect for outdoor festivities like my son’s Lacrosse tournament where I first discovered its dulcet sounds.  Perfect holiday gift for your son or daughter. So Suzy Says.

Burgundy Beauty

The Women’s Nike Blazer Low Lx Sneaker is a re-fabulated version the look of an iconic low-top sneaker originally introduced in 1972.  Burgundy, Baby.  So Suzy Says.

Wild One

Gradual Two Part Shoes feature leopard print suede  with buckle fastening and a 3.5″ heel.  Add a touch of fun flare to any outfit.  Also comes in a pump.  So Suzy Says.

Insta Wisdom

Follow Tracy McMillan on Instagram – her posts always inspire.  So Suzy Says.

Mack Comfort

 Make your man/boy comfortable with Mack Weldon  with the company’s upgraded take on  men’s essentials.  Thanks, Bryan York Colwell for the tip about Mack Weldon’s high end boxers, t-shirts, and sweats.  Makes the perfect gift for your man/boy.  So Suzy Says.  

Chap Chaser

Eminence Organic Skin Care Rosehip Lemongrass Lip Balm SPF 15  is terrific.  My lips are chapped for a week  and nothing else worked until this product.  Enjoy smooth times.  Also comes in Citrus.  So Suzy Says. 

Butter Up

California Garlic Grass-Fed Ghee Butter Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, Lactose Free, Certified Paleo  can used  in place butter– this product is whipped and thus spreadable at room temperature – olive oil, coconut oil or any other cooking oil with the healthier Ghee Butter .  This butter is better; it’s naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, and K, Omega-3, … Continue Reading

Write Right

Artline 200 Writing Pens are versatile, fine-pointed pens that are the best general-purpose pen you’ll find.   Its water-based ink dries instantly so it won’t blur or smear. The 0.4 mm polyacetal resin tip creates a fine line.  Precise.  So Suzy Says.  

Fashionable Feast

Cooking with Zac: Recipes From Rustic to Refined is that Zac Posen’s, the world-renowned fashion designer, collection of his 100 favorite recipes.  This collection  is a chic and well curated as the designer’s duds.  Eat Chic.  So Suzy Says. 

Femme Fab

It’s Messy: On Boys, Boobs, and Badass Women is a compilation of  interviews from Amanda de Cadenet’s interview series, The Conversation where she  talks with some of today’s most badass women–from Hillary Clinton to Lady Gaga.  Enjoy forthright conversations that speak to what it means to be female in today’s world – then share in with gal pals … Continue Reading


 No one knows a candle better than my friend Patti.  Fleur candles are the proof of Patti’s excellence.  You can tell a Fleur home by its beautiful smell.  Every well-appointed home  needs that certain gracious  je ne sais quoi that a  beautifully fragranced Fleur candle,  all of which are hand-poured in Los Angeles, provides.  Enjoy the scents which include yummy smells such … Continue Reading

Fabulous Flare

Frame Persian Velveteen Flare pants are simply fabulous.  Wear them anywhere, anytime you want to make a kick ass statement.  So Suzy Says.

Biker Chic

Even if you never mount a bike, Topshop’s Faux Fur Biker  Jacket will have you in fashion’s fast lane with its black faux fur, belt and cuff buckles.  Vrom, vroom fashion.

Mommy & Me

maman&moi is a well-curated clothing collection filled with classic pieces for little girls.  Born from Allegra Growdon Richdale’s love of her mother and their shared  love of fashion, maman&moi  creates beautiful dresses that will make you and your daughter smile at the memories created in classics  like the reversible Charlotte dress. Beautiful clothes that stand the test of … Continue Reading

Fall Heat

Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette is the best thing to happen to autumn since the Pumpkin Spice Latte was invented.  12 all-new, can’t-live-without, amber-hued neutrals-including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas will make your eyes sultry and seasonal.  Brush up.  So Suzy Says.    


Comfort Gel Packs  are the best way to cool down or warmly comfort pain in your body.  Use the 9″x12″ size to wrap around your joint,  5″x18″ which is great for your lower back, and 10″x15″ for really full coverage.  Other sizes also available. And the best part about the product?  Even when it’s freezing cold, the pack remains … Continue Reading

Hats On

Adidas Camo Primeknit Hat  features an adjustable strap at back and logo.  Help your Man/Boy make a statement and protect himself from the sun.  So Suzy Says.


Gardein, Classic Meatless Meatballs are yummy.  I made these amazing meatless meatballs with Clementine the other night and both of us loved ’em.   Tasty meal without guilt.  So Suzy Says.


Bunny Mellon: The Life of an American Style Legend  is  Meryl Gordon’s  new biography of style icon and American aristocrat, Bunny Mellon,.  Gain insights into the woman who designed the White House Rose Garden for her friend JFK and  witness to 20th Century American history up close.  So Suzy Says.