Runaway Runway – Bring the Latest Fashions to You.

Designer Gayle Shea brings  The Runaway Runway  to you with her Mobile Fashion Boutique.  Save on gas and parking so you’ll have more for money for shopping. You can bring the runway to your home too… host a party and earn a percentage of the sales.  So Suzy Says… Find out where the runway will … Continue Reading

Laughter: Health Matters

Laughter is the best medicine – and these artful reminders are great self improvement gifts. Perfect for community and wellness centers, or your own kitchen just to name a few.

Lip Balm by Terry

This balm is da bomb. A dash of this magic will keep your lips luscious. So Suzy Says.

Darnell Cox Versus the Travails of Time

Lifestyle guru Darnell Cox has launched a site with tips to “attack the aging process from every angle. Mind,  Body &  Spirit”  The fight starts now… with your  first meal of the day.  A great resource for ways to keep your  mind, body and spirit young the site offers tips on everything from Botox to grocery shopping like … Continue Reading