Favorite Fleece

The Teddy Coat in striped plush fleece makes a warm statement.  The toasty, plush fleece fabric is accented with a chic stripe and its lines are lean thanks to its elastic loop closures.  Trés  bien for Fall and Winter.  Also comes in baby blue and pumpkin.  So Suzy Says.

Warm Velvet

Velvet Mina Reversible Faux Fur Coat will keep you cozy and stylish.  Features a funnel collar and concealed snaps.  Wow.  So Suzy Says.  


PAIGE Jacqueline Velvet Trousers   are classic trousers in luxurious velvet with swingin’ fringe for fun.  Fun style.  So Suzy Says.

Birkenstock… Boots

Women’s Birkenstock ‘Stowe’ Boot  amps up the attitude thanks to  a tonal buckle and the brand’s famously comfortable  footbed. Walk in urban-chic comfort.  So Suzy Says.  

Cozy vs Chill

Women’s Free People Kolby Brushed Scarf is a cozy comfort against Fall’s chill.  Comes in  Blue/Green,  Pink, Wine and White.  So Suzy Says.   

Chic Mail

Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy’s FiveFour Club will deliver fashion goodies – curated just for your man/boy – monthly.  Unleash your man’s inner style.  Can be ordered singularly or via subscription.  So Suzy Says.

Spa Cuddle

Keikico’s oversized throws will make every room in your home feel like a spa.  So Suzy Says.

Home Spa

Dr. Scholl’s Quick Heat Hand & Foot Wax Paraffin Spa Bath Kit   pamper your digits  with paraffin, to smooth and relax, at home thanks to this easy to use device.  Home spa delight. Includes 3 pounds of wax, 2 thermal mitts, and 30 glove liners.  Makes perfect holiday gift.  So Suzy Says.   

Protein on the Go

I have finally discovered something that my daughter Clementine will eat  before school.  Ensure provides a solid, nutritional base with nine grams of protein; a great start for her day.  My athletic son takes Ensure Plus  which packs 13 grams of essential protein.  Stock your refrigerator so you can grab and go.  So Suzy Says.  

Cold Cure

Cold Season will soon be upon us again.  An old school remedy which I use, like my mother before me, to put a dab of  Vicks VapoRub Soothing Chest Rub Cough Suppressant Ointment   under my children’s noses, on their  chests and temples.  So Suzy Says.

Hot Dreams

Serta Fleece Electric Blanket is the perfect protection against night’s chill.  My father always used an electric blanket as so do I.  Makes a  great gift. So Suzy Says.

Castle Intrigue

After the Snow by Susannah Constantine will fill the void left by Downtown Abbey’s conclusion.  Constantine delves behind the perfect veneer of Culcairn Castle and explores the machinations of the upper class.  A classic page turner.  So Suzy Says.