Dr. Christian Middleton’s Viking Health site has all of the resources needed to keep your weight loss resolutions.   Viking Health has helped hundreds of patients lose weight and improve their health, wellness, nutrition and appearance. Some patients who were taking medication for blood sugar, high cholesterol or high blood pressure have been able to reduce … Continue Reading

Dense Juicing

Ring in the New Year by wringing out every last nutrient from the fruits and vegetables you juice with the Hurom® H-AA Slow Juicer.  The slow squeeze technology mimics the motion of a hand squeezing so the result is nutrient-packed juices, sorbets or nut milks.  Comes in a variety of colors.  So Suzy Says.


I’m on a life changing diet, thanks to Viking Health through which I discovered Zevia Zero Calorie Sodas,  that keep me full and happy without toxins or guilt.  So Suzy Says.

Stylin’ Twofer

UNITE Hair 7 Seconds Detangler Leave In detangles and conditions.  Spray it on  your hair then comb it through. Your locks, like Jennifer Aniston’s,  will love this styling twofer.  So Suzy Says.


Superfacialist Rose Brighten & Refine Facial Scrub is a great way to put your best face forward the New Year.  This scrub gently washes away dead, dry skin while hydrating.  Enjoy.  So Suzy Says.


Take your essential oils on the road with Herban Essentials 100% pure and natural essential oil towelettes.  Try the Herban Essentials Mixed Bag which allows you to sample all five scents: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Orange and Eucalyptus. Refresh. Perfect to put in children’s knapsacks for school. So Suzy Says. 

Classic Patterns

Checked Leggings With Side Stripes  mixes two classic style elements into singularly excellent trousers.  So Suzy Says.  

Color on High

Tory Burch Camilla Embroidered Sandal goes with any outfit and boasts a 3.3″ heel.  Walk on a cloud of color.  Also comes in a wedge.  So Suzy Says.

Toe Tonic

Thanks to Steven L Rosenberg, DPM my feet now feel fine.  His Instant Arches are heaven (via the internet) sent. Make your feet happy in 2018.  So Suzy Says.


Johnnie-O Men’s The Touring Blazer is a relaxed take on the classic blazer.  It’s a perfect start to your man/boy’s 2018 wardrobe.  So Suzy Says. 

Become a Bad Ass

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life  by  Jen Sincero is part of a worthwhile collection that will help you get in touch with your inner greatness.  Sweep self-doubt right out the door and have bad ass 2018!