Brow Beaten

Mary Kay Brow Gel  will get your brows in shape the old fashioned and effective way. It’s the best of the old school products.  So Suzy Says.  

Eye Daggers

Kat Von D – Dagger Tattoo Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner will ‘tattoo’ your eye with long lasting color.  Use the well-angled brush tip that features a 30-degree edge to line your eyes exactly as you wish.  Particularly perfect if you’re making cat-eye.  So Suzy Says.

Under Pressure

Rosenice Aventurine Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tools, Natural Stone Guasha Board For SPA Acupuncture Therapy Trigger Point Treatment will trigger blood flow and lymphatic drainage… and release the knots in your neck and your jaw if you suffer from TMJ.  A worthy use of precious jade. So Suzy Says.

Royal Lashes

Treat your peepers to  RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. the serum that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, swears by. Condition your lashes with RevitaLash’s proprietary Biopeptin Complex formula plus potent antioxidants and fortifying amino acids.  Revitalize your lashes and enhance your eyes.  So Suzy Says.

Fight Gravity

Nurse Jamie’s Instant Uplift Facial Firming Beauty Tool will help improve the tone and appearance of your skin. An innovative facial massager whose rhythmic rolling action will improve collagen production … and make gravity’s inevitable toll suck a little less. There’s a good reason all of Hollywood is talking about this magical wand. Try the Nurse Jamie Uplift … Continue Reading

Curl Quencher

L’Oréal Paris EverCurl Hydracharge  Shampoo and Conditioner  feeds curly hair and leaves it looking fresh and curly versus frizzy and parched. Infused with coconut oil, the line is free of sulfates, parabens and dyes.Even though my hair is just wavy, I find this gem — which is available at markets–  affordable and effective.  Thanks to … Continue Reading

Moist Color

Ogee Sculpted Tinted Lip Oil is pack full of lip goodies.  Organic oils for moisture, hyaluronic acid and peppermint for fullness.  All of this is topped off with an emollient, long-lasting color layer.  Let ’em shine – they’re protected. So Suzy Says.

Face Wrap

Face Caddy, Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps  are great for whatever ails your head; migraines, TMJ, sinus pain, oral surgery, cosmetic injections, laser treatments, dermabrasion, “life style” face lifts or “mini” face lift procedures.  Just put in  reusable ice/heat packs and sooth away your woes. So Suzy Says. 

Curl Tamer

Color Wow Dream Coat For Curly Hair stops ‘humidity fear’, an all too common affliction for those with twirly tresses. Wow’s anti-frizz spray moisturizes and revitalizes curly hair. So Suzy Says.

Sexy Scent

Acqua di Colonia Patchouli is a lovely, sexy scent with woodsy overtones.  Thank you, Muse Nancy, for the tip.  So Suzy Says.


EDTara Lift Slim Face Sticker Face Invisible Sticker Lift Chin Medical Tape Makeup Beauty Tools offers a quick  lift to  your spirits – and skin.  You’ll be ready for your closeup in minutes.  So Suzy Says.  

Safe Tan

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse will give you a natural, St. Tropez worthy tan without the dangers of UV rays. Give your skin summer’s kiss all year long.  Try the brand’s cream too.  So Suzy Says.

Wowy Waves

Take that summer beach look with you wherever you go with the Beachwaver S1 a ceramic, rotating curling iron that will have your hair beach wavy ready in minutes.  Try its larger companion, the  Beachwaver S1.25 to  achieve a looser voluminous beachy look. Wave well. So Suzy Says.

Air Style

Air Curler, Soft Curl Hair Dryer Attachment is the perfect beauty tool for the curly-haired set. Those of us with straight hair love it too.  A great alternative to a diffuser.  So Suzy Says.

Lip Shade

Cle de Peau Beaute UV Protective Lip Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 30 restores and hydrates lips while shielding them from the sun’s harmful rays.  Enjoy luxurious lips.  So Suzy Says.

Brow Wow

Glossier Boy Brow — available in blond, brown, black and clear — will fill, fluff shape your brows to perfection. Inspired by traditional hair pomades, this  all-in-one brow product is all you’ll ever need for an eyebrow that wows.  So Suzy Says.    


USA Made without animal testing, Tata Harper’s Clarifying Mask will clear your skin and conscience with its AHA Superfruit Blend: lactic acid from bilberry and malic and tartaric acids from sugar maple that  encourage cell renewal to target blemishes and help clean and clear buildup to refine pores. Enjoy smooth skin.  So Suzy Says.


Laura Mercier Inner Eye Definer is the next generation of the brand’s Kohl Eye Pencil. Formulated specifically to line the inside of the eyelid and the base of the lashes, the soft, creamy formula will glide on definition.  Make your eyes pop with this summer’ it-color; Brown Copper. Also comes in: Black Gold, Black Navy, Black Violet, Nightfall and Stormy Grey. So Suzy … Continue Reading

Detangled and Tough

Kevin Murphy’s  Untangled detangles and strengthen hair while shielding it from the heat of styling tools.  Thanks, Cindy Crawford, for the tip. I hope that my hair looks as good as yours with this product.  So Suzy Says.

Heaven Scent

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady Parfum is a slice of olfactory heaven. Oaky and sexy, the layered scent is intriguing… stops the boys in their tracks.  So Suzy Says.