California Chocolate

Surprise your Valentine and your entire family with Edelweiss Chocolates.  They’re the best treat for non Californians who are unaware of this old school, LA gem.  Yum.  So Suzy Says.   

Tasty Hope

Give your taste buds new hope with Hope’s Organic, Gluten Free Original Recipe Hummus.  Healthy and satisfying.  So Suzy Says.


Pebeyre Truffle Salt contains all natural, fine sea salt accented with pieces of white summer truffles. The combination creates a classic and unique accent to any dish.  Thanks to the classy and unique Pamela Halle Konkel for this tasty introduction.  So Suzy Says. 


I’m on a life changing diet, thanks to Viking Health through which I discovered Zevia Zero Calorie Sodas,  that keep me full and happy without toxins or guilt.  So Suzy Says.


Gardein, Classic Meatless Meatballs are yummy.  I made these amazing meatless meatballs with Clementine the other night and both of us loved ’em.   Tasty meal without guilt.  So Suzy Says.

Curry Favor

Mae Ploy Thai Yellow Curry Paste is the secret ingredient for any curry.  Contains garlic, lemongrass, shallot, dried red chile, salt, galanga, cumin, cinnamon, star anise, turmeric, kaffir lime peel, coriander seed.  Yummy. Thank you Pamela Salzman for the tip.   So Suzy Says.

Chef Studies

Ali B – Allison Bronson – is a teacher and a mother of five.  What’s Cookin’ With Ali B is Bronson’s latest teaching venture.  Her classes – which are limited to 10 students  seven years and older  – explore healthy food groups and create delicious, kid friendly meals. The children — including my darling Clementine I … Continue Reading

Up & Down

EvidentlyKIVA Terra Bites are the magic ticket Crafted from micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and coated in Kiva Dark Chocolate to uplift they also contain 5MG of THC per bite to mellow the launch.  Terra offers dosing that is as convenient as it is delicious. Made from all Natural Ingredients: Semisweet Chocolate ( Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa … Continue Reading

Go Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers will make you go crackers — without guilt.   Made of organic whole grain brown rice, organic quinoa organic flax seeds and organic brown sesame seeds that combine to create a rich nutty flavor.  Wheat-free, gluten-free and organic.  So Suzy Says.

Whole Food on the Run

RXBARs are whole food protein bars with just six to eight whole food ingredients.  They’re as good for what they contain — 12g of egg white protein, 4g of fiber, 200 calories each – as well as what they don’t have; no added sugar, no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no GMO.   Try all 8 … Continue Reading

Stellar Sparkle

I love bubbly — water that is.  And Badoit Sparkling Water is my favorite. It’s a light, natural, sparkling mineral water from a 500-meter fissure in the granite in France’s countryside.   Drink up, it’s good for you.  So Suzy Says.

Krazy Good Taste

Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt is the best accent on everything.  Add some zing to your Avocado Toast or more sizzle to your chicken.  Thanks, Molly, for turning me onto this oldie but oh-so-goodie.   So Suzy Says.

Better Butter

All  of Justin’s Nut Butters are made in small batches to preserve premium quality standards and fresh taste, using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.  My favorite – so far at least –  is the Almond Butter.  I keep the large jar at home and sometimes take a small packet(s) with me for a protein … Continue Reading

Frozen Veggies

My pal stylist Julie Block turned me on to this great veggie tip.  EatPops makes yummy, frozen treats from good-for-you ingredients. Tasty treats for the whole family.  So Suzy Says.  

C is for…

Yummy. Little Spark Cookies  taste even better than they look.  They’re perfect for every occasion. Hmm… good.  So Suzy Says.

Yummy & Good For You

When you feel like a snack that’s all treat and no cheat that’s when you should make like my best friend Darviny.Darviny and reach for a Go Raw Organic Gluten-Free Vegan Sprouted Grow Protein Bar

Guilt-Free Goodies

Treats for Zoe, love Mom are indulgent treats for the whole family.  They’re vegan, allergen-free (no gluten, dairy free, no soy or nuts), and made from organic plant ingredients. Plus, they’re even high protein — each parfait has 9 to 11 grams of protein — so make the perfect after school treat for all.  I had … Continue Reading

Tortillas Heaven

Diana’s makes the best corn tortillas ever.  They’re worth hunting around for.  Delicious.  So Suzy Says.

Holy, Basil, Healthy One

Ingest a few drops of Holy Basil liquid extract from Herb Pharm and feel the sense of peace within as it immediately calms nervous system. This Holy Basil is Certified Organically Grown is carefully shade-dried, and is then thoroughly extracted. Try it and help your adjustment to the New Year go smoothly.  So Suzy Says.


Doan Bakery  makes the best coconut cake ever! Thank you, John Caribino for the tip – and for bringing this yummyness to Monica’s party.  I swear, this showstopper cake – and the annual Holiday Soiree thrown by Monica, the hostess with the most-ess – is worth a trip to California.  So Suzy Says.