451 Protection

Don’t let a wildfire destroy your most important documents store them in a SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box with Key Lock. So Suzy Says.


Magic Silicone Gloves scrubbing Gloves for Dishes, dishwashing Gloves with scrubbers, Dish Gloves for Kitchen, Car Wash, and Pet Care are silicone scrub gloves with non-slip grip. Makes scrubbing dishes or dogs fun and efficient. So Suzy Scrubs.


UltraTouchTM Heated Round Toilet Seat is the ultimate winter luxury. Thank you, Jules, for introducing me to the ultimate luxury. So Suzy Says.

Air Suck

The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver with 2 Vacuum Stoppers removes air from the bottle so that it can last for up to a week. So Suzy Says.

Fresh Start: Stash & Protect

The Stasher is a reusable, silicone bag that you didn’t realize was essential until you bought one. It’s a multi-purpose an eco-conscious alternative to one-use plastic bag that is air-tight via a pinch-press system. Buy for your beach vacation bag to protect your cell phone or pack your lunch in it. Invaluable. So Suzy Says.  

Purely Grapeful

Filter out the sulfites from your wine by pouring it through the stylish Üllo Wine Purifier. Features Selective Sulfite Capture technology. Will also filter out sediment. Make fine wine finer and also makes a great gift. So Suzy Says.

Golden Hours

The Aerin Warren Table Lamp boasts curvy brass base, topped with a classic linen shade. Add a golden-licious hue to any surface. Also comes in silver leaf. So Suzy Says.

College Ware

Set your table in style — even if you’re on a college budget — with Ikea’s collection of dinnerware. Well-priced white.  Pair the simple elegance of white with  West Elm’s Gold Flatware Set. Your table will sparkle with elegance. So Suzy Says..

Find It

Uniclife Key Finder Wireless RF Item Locator, Remote Control, Pet, Cell, Wallet Locator with 4 Receivers will help you find those darn keys with the press of a button. The loud beeping sound will lead you to your lost items though walls, cushions and doors. A must have. So Suzy Says.

Sweet Dreams

Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds will insure that you get your beauty sleep no matter others do. Sweet dreams. So Suzy Says.

Gift Idea: Linens

Amanda Lindroth’s easy, breezy style will make your table inviting and elegant all year long.  They also make a great bathing suit cover-ups and are perfect for picnics.  Check out her new block print collection. So Suzy Says.

Home Town Trays

Images and Details is more than a frame store.  Their collection of home decor goodies is worth checking out. Vanity trays make a great hostess or holiday gift. So Suzy Says.

Double Duty

Russel + Hazel Organizer Bookends will corral your books and your loose papers.  A modern approach to book ends that is clearly organized. So Suzy Says.

Gift Idea: Supple Glasses

Unbreakable but infinitely malleable Flexible Wine Cups are a creative hostess gift. Cheers. So Suzy Says.  

Gift Idea: Pink Tree

Have a… Pink Christmas.  Celebrate with a joyously pink-a-tastic tree the way that my kids and I do.  Merry Christmas. Or, you can get its  4′ cousin.  Ho, Ho, Ho. So Suzy Says.  

Gift Idea: Pretty Paperwork

Your files never looked so good until you categorized them using kate spade new york Tortoise File Folders.  This set of six folders will protect all of your papers in style. Then, wait, is that an end table, a chic bit of decor …no, it’s those beautifully organized in Horchow’s Mirrored File Box.  So Suzy Says.  … Continue Reading

White (House) Christmas

Create a Presidential Christmas Tree with Jackie  and John F. Kennedy ornaments along with other, official White House trimmings.Thank you Maria Cerminara for the Christmas Tree tip. Your tree is stunning as always. So Suzy Says. 

Know Your Place

Felicity Buchanan’s beautiful place cards will put the perfect finishing touch on your holiday table.  Also available as a placemat and name tag combination. Charming. So Suzy Says.  

Gift Idea: Wreath

Every year my in-laws Helen Houghton sends my family a Christmas Wreath. We look forward to this family tradition every year. Wreathes make the perfect gift — especially if your family is spread out.   Start your own tradition with friends and family.   So Suzy Says.  

Gift Idea: Comin’ Up Roses

Jennifer Creel’s latest creation; divine scents.  Rose candles that smell like Christmas in Paris.  Made from100% Pure USP Pharmaceutical Grade White Beeswax encased in a jar made red with vegetable dye. There is also a diffuser with all natural reeds with an alcohol-free scent that will last for three months.  The sweet smell of Christmas. So Suzy … Continue Reading