Big Specs

grinderPUNCH Women’s Designer Inspired Oversized Round Circle Sunglasses  are great, big spectacles.  I look forward to sharing a pair with Clementine!  So Suzy Says.

Chic Resource

Big Book of Chic by Miles Redd  is a  lavishly illustrated volume features a diverse selection of his unique interiors, an inspiration to anyone interested in spirited, eclectic design. So Suzy Says. 

Words to Live By

Words to live by.  So Suzy Says.

Wing Walker

ASOS Mojito Leather Brogues feature classic wing-tip styling with a unique, ASOS flare.  Comes in other colors too. They look great without laces too.  So Suzy Says.


Happy Thanksgiving to all… and especially Tom Samet who shared this card with me. May your holiday be filled with wisdom, friends, family – and yummy turkey.  Thanks for reading. 

Chic Mail

Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy’s FiveFour Club will deliver fashion goodies – curated just for your man/boy – monthly.  Unleash your man’s inner style.  Can be ordered singularly or via subscription.  So Suzy Says.

Happy Birthday

Celebrated my dear friend Maria- Flora — aka ‘Monkey’ –  birthday at a fabulous, Malibu, weekend bash.  Thanks for a great disco time.  And, happy, happy Birthday.

Fabulous Flare

Frame Persian Velveteen Flare pants are simply fabulous.  Wear them anywhere, anytime you want to make a kick ass statement.  So Suzy Says.

Mommy & Me

maman&moi is a well-curated clothing collection filled with classic pieces for little girls.  Born from Allegra Growdon Richdale’s love of her mother and their shared  love of fashion, maman&moi  creates beautiful dresses that will make you and your daughter smile at the memories created in classics  like the reversible Charlotte dress. Beautiful clothes that stand the test of … Continue Reading

Claridges Cooking

Meredith Erickson  and Martyn Nail  will release their tasty book Claridges: The Cookbook  just in time for Thanksgiving.  Celebrate your holiday with the tasty treats found at the Mayfair hotel.  Bon Appetit.  So Suzy Says.  

Fall Hat

Sacred Hawk Velvet Corduroy Baker Boy Hat with Chain Detail  is the perfect fall accessory.   It features a domed crown, curved peak, with statement making contrast chain trim and a button top,  Top off any outfit in style.  So Suzy Says.

Wine Goggles

The red Wine Glasses by Elope make the perfect party favor.  Put on a pair and let the party begin.  Old friends Athena and Susan can show you how.  Goggles also comes in white wine too.  So Suzy Says.  

Vroom, Vroom

Bondurant Racing School ‘s Advanced Teen Driving program, goes beyond the standard driving lessons to  instill the fundamental habits of safe, controlled driving.  Give your new drivers a solid base on which to build their skills for years to come.  Take the extra step to insure your child’s safety.  It’ll be worth it.  So Suzy … Continue Reading


Celebrating my Fairy Godmother’s 90th Birthday in Palm Springs at the Mission Inn.  Happy Birthday, Miale .  Blessed by family.  So Suzy Thanks.


The most accurate affordable astrological reading, Astro Mary will tell you what the stars have in store for you without breaking the bank.  C’est magnifique.  So Suzy Says.


Since 2013  Buddytruk has been connecting customers with buddies – who have trucks.  It’s like using an Uber – but with a truck..  and someone to help do the heavy lifting.  Great for local moves or to make deliveries.  So Suzy Says.  

R-Rated Couple’s Toy

Add unexpected to zest to your date night with the We Vibe Sync Vibrator designed for couples.  So Suzy Suggests.

My Fashionable Grandparents

Who were also lovely people.  So Suzy Loves.

Summer Break Five

Summer Break 5!    My son Jack is on this show!!  So Suzy Watches.