Jacqueline Caster, the founder and president of The Everychild Foundation, has been named Senate District 26’s 2017 Woman of the Year by Senator Ben Allen. Since1987, the California State Senate celebrates Women’s History Month by recognizing remarkable women throughout the state who make a positive difference in their communities.  Through Caster’s work with Everychild and beyond, she has positively affected the lives of millions of our local youth.  

The Everychild Foundation’s mission is to “ease the suffering of children in the Greater Los Angeles area, whether due to disease, disability, abuse, neglect or poverty.”  To date, grants from the Everychild Foundation have served over 1 million Los Angeles children. Its unique giving circle model and philosophy of funding replicable projects has directly inspired the creation of over a dozen charitable groups.

Ms. Caster serves on the advisory boards of several nonprofit service organizations, including the Westside Food Bank and Safe Place for Youth. She is active in juvenile justice issues and is a member of the Los Angeles County Probation Commission.  She has had successful careers in real estate law, urban redevelopment, and consulting. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Pomona College, a master’s degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a Juris Doctor degree from Boston University School of Law.

It’s an honor to give her a shout out here.  So Suzy Admires.  


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