Suzy Feels Fab

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the inspiring  Randi Crawford for her Feeling Fabulous Podcast.  It sure felt fabulous to speak with her.  Flattered to be on such a lovely podcast in the company of some great women.   So Suzy appreciates.  

Thanks, Malibu Times

Thanks to the Malibu Times for spreading the news about our party at Room at the Beach celebrating Priscilla Woolworth’s latest book, Nailvana founder Gina Alcedo  and others.  Stay tuned for our next event at the store.  So Suzy Says.      


Thanks, Jeffrey A. Unger.

Focus Blog

Honored to be featured in Focus Magazine’s April issue.  So Suzy Thanks.

Shameless Gratitude

Thrilled and flattered that James W. Mercer, Ph.D. took the time to write.  May  the circle of good karma embrace all of us.  So Suzy Says.   

Hint’d Lists Suzy

Thanks Lucy Danzinger for the shout out.

The North Shore Leader

Locust Valley Native Suzy Thomas Houghton has founded So Suzy Says a site where she shares her latest finds of great people, places and things. The curated weekly list, launched at the end of March, already has a substantial fol- lowing. Thomas Houghton is the daugh- ter of the late Jack Thomas, founder of Ad … Continue Reading