Hats Off

I always love a great hat and Eugenia Kim’s Jordana Hat is a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s lined and features a slouchy brim and chiffon sash. Hats on for fall. So Suzy Says.

Up Top

Topshop’s Topstitch Bucket Hat is the perfect way to top off any outfit in style. Street style and sun protection; that’s quite a full bucket — hat. Also comes in black. So Suzy Says.

Bucket Top

Champion’s  Terry Bucket Hat will protect you from the sun in practical style. Made from terry cloth it’s breathable and easy to take along to wherever your summer plans take you. So Suzy Says.

Hats… On

Filu Hats’ Mauritius Grosgrain-Trimmed Straw Hat  will protect you as if you were on the Indian Ocean  island-nation while maintaining your city style. A great combination. Also comes in black. So Suzy Says.    

Toddler Topper

This little chapeau offers chic  sun protection for the oh-so-very delicate skin of little humans aged  18-24 months . Made at a sustainable Certified Fair Trade facility without pesticides or chemicals,  you’ll feel good putting it on top of your tyke. You’re never too young for hats. So Suzy Says. 

Bucket List

Eugenia Kim’s Toby Bucket Hat is petal-tastic, adjustable and will flatter all face shapes will providing sun protection. So Suzy Says.


Lele Sadoughi Women’s Headbands are stylish. Whether you’re sporting a fresh blow dry or just in a hurry Lela Sadoughi’s hair accessories will make a fashion statement. So Suzy Says.

Band Aid

Don’t stress over your tresses. Let Lele Sadoughi’s Crystal & Velvet Headband make the fashion statement for you. Comes in white and gold. So Suzy Says.

Fabulous Hats

Nicola de Selincourt is a British milliner whose collection will have everyone Ascot ready regardless of the time of year.  Divine hats in both her ready-to-wear and couture collections.  So Suzy Loves.    


Get ready for Memorial Day with  SENSI STUDIO’s Extra Long Brim Panama Hat  will protect you from the sun in style. So Suzy Says.

Hats On

Coolibar’s Raffia Life Guard Hat features UPF 50+ protection in a raffia hat with six inch brim.  For those looking for a collapsable, fabric version there’s the Ultra Sun Hat. Chic sun protection.  So Suzy Says.  

Hats Off

Nick Fouquet, model turned milliner — and the son of old family friends –  knows how to top off his sexy, strutting ways with one of his handmade hats.  There are custom hats for men and women.  So Suzy Says.

Hats… On

Chic, floppy and protective.  This  straw hat by Athleta is the perfect travel companion this summer. So Suzy Says.

Hats Off — and On

Lindroth Designs makes my new favorite hats.  Both their Fedora and Panama styles are flattering to most – and the monogram makes ’em easy to find at a pool party.  Protect yourself from the sun in style.  So Suzy Says.  

Heads Up

I have always adored hats and head pieces. One of my new favorites are the designs by Savanna Collection.  They’re amazing.  So Suzy Says.  

Nantucket Hat

Great island, best friends and one of my favorite Anne Moore hats equals a perfect summer day.  So Suzy Says.

Bucket Hat

Go everywhere on your Bucket List in style with this uber flexible, woven raffia Bucket Hat  that is Brooklyn born courtesy of Lola Hats. Use the dangling ribbon to add a touch of childlike whimsy with a well-placed bow or just let them hang nonchalantly. So Suzy Says.

Happy in Yellow

Add a touch of Central American artisanal style to your sun protection with this hat by Stephany Hollihan de Sensi-Contugi. So Suzy Says.

Chic Sun Protection

This oversized visor will add flare to any outfit and protect your face and neck from harmful UV rays. So Suzy Says.

Race Day Classic Hat

As seen in Town and Country this classic Striped Bow Race Day hat looks sun-protective perfect whether it’s worn in town or in the country. So Suzy Says.