Don’t Text & Drive

Yes, we’re still talking about it…. despite how easy it is to avoid the tragedies that result. Stop. Don’t text and drive. Replies can wait. Thank you, Carmen Adams for your excellent work to prevent this tragedy. So Suzy Says.      

Smart Miles

Ditch your  logs and let Mile IQ  track your mileage for taxes and expense reports. So Suzy Says.


One of the best ways to gain a broader world view is to study abroad. I was blessed that my Clementine attended at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles for high school and is now applying for international programs at Pepperdine. Broaden your children’s horizons — teach them about other cultures. So Suzy Says. Studies … Continue Reading

It’s a Bird… It’s…

… you flying high … at the lowest prices thanks to Skyscanner.  Hack travel and soar this summer. So Suzy Says.  

Weight-less Travel

Never pay luggage fees again thanks to this handy luggage scale. Thank you Dr . Graham for this great tip. Bye, bye fees… hello, souvenirs. So Suzy Says.

Pack Perfectly

Packing for Travel by Karen Klopp  with illustrations by Lara Glaister is the perfect fashion guide for the busy Travelista.  Pack fashionably and wisely.  So Suzy Says.

Carry On

Away Travel’s line of carry on bags allows you to pack all that you’ll need in a virtually indestructible case that will fit in the overhead compartment. And, most models come with a TSA compliant battery so you can charge your devices while you’re on the road. Personalize all of the above with a hand-painted … Continue Reading

Tissue Packing

Put tissue paper in between the layers of clothes when you pack and you will arrive wrinkle free .  So Suzy Says.      

Nantucket Charm

The Ships Inn is the best boutique hotel in Nantucket. Each room oozes with old world charm and modern luxuries.  A great way to enjoy Nantucket. So Suzy Says.   

Artful Travel

Gustave Travel Company doesn’t plan itineraries, they curate adventures.  Enjoy artful experiences where you can discover hidden treasures at iconic art events such as the Chicago Expo, Art Basel, Frieze New York and beyond.  Or make memories via exclusive tours of some of the United Kingdom’s most luxurious Royal Residences.  Don’t just travel, make memories … Continue Reading

Luv Tulum

Luv Tulum is a magical, European, boutique — there are only a dozen rooms – Five Star hotel on the Caribbean. The staff are lovely, the food gourmet and accommodations stellar.  Luv Tulum provides a healing combination of luxury and serenity which you can enjoy on a budget. I even made a new friend.  A great vacation. … Continue Reading


Super Shuttle is the way to get from the airport to Tulum – any several other Mexican destinations.  01-800-030-3005 are the only digits you’ll need to remember. So Suzy Says.  


I was lucky enough to vacation with stellar hosts Valentina and Nick Prouty on a beautiful, Italian 110 foot H&R Yacht.  The yacht had every imaginable amenity and toy; jet skis, luxurious cabins and divine food; there is no detail that Cara Rogers does not attend to perfectly. It was a memorable weekend — one you … Continue Reading


Enjoy the great outdoors of Sonoma from the comfort of your Air Stream Camper at Auto Camp. Family fun with friends and their families.  So Suzy Says.    

Palm Springs

Thanks, Lulu Powers, for turning me onto this resource. Now I know where to point pals who plan to visit Palm Springs. So Suzy Says. Gaby’s Guide to Palm Springs

Travel Chic

The Dolci+Limoni Army Weekender repels water and stains.  Plus, the interior pouch which has three pockets, can detach and convert to clutch purse for running around town.  And, if you’re going away for longer than a weekend then there’s the Pullman Navy Rolling Carry-on Suitcase  which features an exterior pockets into which you can tuck … Continue Reading

Purposeful Travel

Global Works combines community service, cultural exchange, language immersion, and adventure to create inspiring, transformative travel experiences.  Send your child, yourself or all of  you on a vacation where you’ll make friends for a lifetime, learn lessons in leadership, and make impactful change in the place you visit.  So Suzy Says.   

Coachella 2017

Coachella 2017.  Thank You #Lisa, #Betsy, #Molly. 

ID Travel Tip

My pal Susan Woods went skiing last month. She had her borrowed suitcase filled with glorious Bogner ski clothing.  The trip was grand… until she got to the luggage carousel after returning home.  To her horror her suitcase was not there.  Round and round the carousel went… Susan’s panic growing with each rotation. Luckily the … Continue Reading

Destination Vine

Friends Melanie and Diane love wine – and unlike most of us who also enjoy the grape, these two know a lot about it.  Through their company Destination Vine these two will create a memorable and informative tour through wine country.  Chin, chin.  So Suzy Says.