The Kitten Palace is a family business that breads perfect  Tea Cup and Persian Kittens….like our family’s new baby. They’re purr-fect, ethical cat people. So Suzy Says.        

Super Clean

Spring has sprung – now, it’s time to know where everything is. That’s where Kendra Cole Hand comes in. Hand will help you organize your home – and life – one room at a time. Have a super spring. So Suzy Says.

Curated Closet

Don’t know what to wear? No problem. Let Karen Klopp and Hilary Dick curate your closet via their site, What2WearWhere which synthesizes the best looks on the web. Shop wisely — and charitable; Klopp and Dick donate 10% of their proceeds to a charity of the month.

The Divine Darviny

My dearest, oldest best friend since 7th grade, Lifestyle Connoisseur Divine Darviny will teach you how to live your best, healthiest life.   Let Darviny teach you to embrace the  joie de vivre.  that each day offers via her Master Class.  Embrace the force of nature that is Darviny.  So Suzy Says.    


My friend Andrea Masono’s twin sister Louisa is a talented artist who will capture your pet or your child in a portrait that is sure to become a family heirloom.  So Suzy Says.    

Rose. Repeat. Renew.

Repeat Roses gives your flower arrangements and other, organic decor a second life cheering up those in need and cutting down on floral waste. The Repeat Roses team whisks away your decor  as soon as your event concludes and rearranges it  into small, bedside displays at their facility then delivers it to one of their … Continue Reading

Concierge Care

On a recent girls’ trip my asthma acted up. We were on a private yacht… I almost needed Concierge Health Care .. the girls I was with both had it .. which got me thinking … Concierge Medicine may be a necessary indulgence.  So Suzy Says.    

Personal History

23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service — which includes at-home saliva collection kit — will give you insight into your genetic make up – and may even introduce you to long lost relatives. My dear friends Valentina and Susan are pleased with their results. I  plan to do it with all my loved ones. Insightful.  … Continue Reading

School ‘s Out….

… now what? Get the 411 on summer options for students seven to 18 with 911 speed at Tips, Trips and Camps. And it’s free. Thanks to Barb Levison Clementine is going to have a great summer.  So Suzy Says.

Skin Remedies

Skin Remedies Medical in Santa Monica has a treatment for whatever beauty ails you may be fighting.  Whether you need a photofacial — I had one and very pleased with result — a refresher, or you a few hairs zapped to prepare for summer, this medical spa in Santa Monica has it. Skin Remedies carries a place in … Continue Reading

French Culture

Enjoy European flair at affordable prices at The Lycee Francaise’s  Theatre Raymond Kabbaz C‘est une bonne idée for the entire family. So Suzy Says. 

College Planning Tool

 MyinTuition provides students and parents an efficient way to calculate potential college costs. Developed by Phillip Levine, an economist based at Wellesley College, MyInTuition’s site factors in financial aid another variables so that family’s can budget accurately and is meant to compliment the Net Price Calculator already found on college websites.  West LA independent college counselor … Continue Reading

Toe Tonic

Thanks to Steven L Rosenberg, DPM my feet now feel fine.  His Instant Arches are heaven (via the internet) sent. Make your feet happy in 2018.  So Suzy Says.

Get Happy

Skip on downtown and discover the whimsical joy of The Happy Place, a pop up consisting of 13 rooms that are sure to turn your frown upside down.  Great for a family outing. So Suzy Says.

Jeff Lincoln

I’m so proud of my old friend Jeff Lincoln — aka House Beautiful cover boy.  His design esthetic can turn any house into a gorgeous and warm home.  Bravo.  So Suzy Says.  

Globally Green

Since 2014  The Green Teen Team — founded by H.S.H. Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein — has connected like-minded young people around the world to  provide life-changing educational opportunities about the environment.  Go green.  Go global.  Gratitude to  Anne Crawford and Ellie for telling me about this green goodness. So Suzy Says.  

Positively Social

Positively Social was started by Charlotte Block, Lily Block, Jack Buckingham, Lilia Buckingham, Mackenzie Ziegler and Maddie Ziegler to help their peers create a more positive social media landscape.  “No more bullying, exclusivity, body editing, or just plain stupid behavior that you have to explain later.”  Good words for social media users of any age.  Thanks to Julie and Stephen Block for alerting me … Continue Reading

Chef Studies

Ali B – Allison Bronson – is a teacher and a mother of five.  What’s Cookin’ With Ali B is Bronson’s latest teaching venture.  Her classes – which are limited to 10 students  seven years and older  – explore healthy food groups and create delicious, kid friendly meals. The children — including my darling Clementine I … Continue Reading

Get Informed

A young woman with an information mission, Amélie writes a weekly newsletter,  Two Minute Times,  that enable readers to understand today’s global issues without being overwhelmed.  The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the beautiful, informed tree:  Christina Zilber of  Jouer Cosmetics  is her mother. So Suzy Says.  

Medical Healer

F. Mark Nourmand healed my daughter’s ankle getting her out of her boot quickly and painlessly.  He   also works to improve your  posture.   Get yourself, child family member friend coworker to the good doctor.  SoSuzySays.