Baby Parts

This Is Baby by Jimmy Fallon with illustrations by  Miguel Ordóñez  is a humorous guide to all of a baby’s body parts. Cute. Fun gift for all ages. So Suzy Says.

Crack’d Cocoon

Finding Mrs. Ford by Deborah Goodrich Royce is a riveting tale of how Susan Ford’s carefully crafted cocoon is unraveled by a man from her past. You’ll understand why this tome has been voted tops by so many publications as soon as you read page one. So Suzy Says.

Okay Mom

You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom: So Embrace the Chaos, Get Over the Guilt, and Be True to You by Leslie Anne Bruce is journalist and Instagram phenom’s supportive tome for everyday moms. Every mom should have a gaggle of gals with whom to giggle. Support each other. So Suzy Says.

’69 Change

Best selling author Elin Hilderbrand’s first foray into historical fiction, Summer of ’69,  follows five siblings whose lives are changed over a single summer. A weighty, worthwhile read. So Suzy Says.  

Pillow Talk

BBXX: Let’s Get Intimate! is a provocative podcast that challenges how we talk about sex, intimacy and relationships. Thoughtful. So Suzy Says.    

Scandal’s Roots

Scandalous follows Generoso Pope, Jr , the man who took the New York Enquirer, rebranded it then grew it into the scandalous National Enquirer all of us know. Bravo to Jennifer Ash Rudik’s latest achievement which premiered at The Hamptons International Film Festival and will air on CNN in November. Great to see one of … Continue Reading


Healthy Brain, Happy Life: A Personal Program to to Activate Your Brain and Do Everything Better by Wendy Suzuki  and Billie Fitzpatrick is neuroscientist Suzuki’s personal and scientific exploration of the importance of movement. Get happy, move. So Suzy Says. 

Mountain Beauty

Natural Elegance: Luxurious Mountain Living by Rush Jenkins andKlaus Baer with illustrations by  Nancy Greystone and photographs by William Abranowiczis like a beautiful mountain retreat in the form of a book. A gorgeous showcase of western interiors by the firm of WRJ Design. Exquisite. So Suzy Says. 

Rush to Beauty

Check out the multi-talented and charming Rand Rusher’s new beauty and lifestyle blog, Rush to Beauty — after you read mine of course. Vive la variety. So Suzy Says.  

Life Lessons

The School of Life: An Emotional Education by The School of Life  with an introduction by Alain de Botton is a stellar primer on emotional intelligence. Up your EQ so Suzy Says.

Couture’s Muse

Ballerina: Fashion’s Modern Muse by Patricia MearsLaura Jacobs, Jane Pritchard, Rosemary Harden, and   Joel Lobenthal  is, like all of Vendome Press‘ publications, gorgeous. This tome  a visual symphony of the high art’s influence on high fashion. Because, yes everything was, is and will always be beautiful at the ballet. And, on the runway. So Suzy Says.

Dutch Tapestry

The Dutch House may be Ann Patchett’s  best novel to date. A beautifully woven tale of siblings, their childhood home the story touches on and the all the familiar topics of dysfunctional families. This beautiful coming of age story is one for all readers. Thank you, Locust Valley Bookstore for this tip. So Suzy Says. 


The Deserter: A Novel by Nelson DeMille, a favorite of Long Island’s Gold Coast where I grew up, and his screenwriter son, Alex DeMille  have teamed up to craft a clever thriller.  Set in the world of Delta Force this thriller combines exotic locales and ripped-from-the-headline plot points that will keep you riveted. Locust Valley Bookstore … Continue Reading

Tummy Troubles

Guts is author, illustrator Raina Telgemeier’s latest true story writ literary about an eponymously named child whose grumbling gut won’t go away. What is up?  Discovering the answer is a great read. So Suzy Says. 

Sisters Shout

Revolution within the Revolution: Women and Gender Politics in Cuba, 1952-1962 by Michelle Chase tells the under reported story of women’s role in the Cuban revolution. A great read for your daughters — and sons too. So Suzy Says. 

Acorns Grow

From Acorns grow great oaks…. and from spare change comes real savings. That’s the theory behind the Acorns app — through which a pal saved $5,000.  A virtual money tree.  Suzy Says.


A Grief Observed by C. S. Lewis  with a foreword by Madeleine L’Engle is Lewis’ intimate reflections on the profound questions of life, death and the meaning of it all, which he wrote after the death of his wife. A beautiful contemplation on loss – and the road back to life. So Suzy Says. 

Oui, Oui

Elegance: The Beauty of French Fashion is renowned illustrator Megan Hess‘ homage to the elegant fashion of France that launched her career. J’adore French Culture. Magnifique. So Suzy Says.

20’s Matter

In a provocative TED talk psychologist Megan Jay posits that just because many life events are happening later doesn’t mean your twenties are a throwaway decade. So Suzy Says.    

Party Magic

The one and only  Bronson Vanwyck will make your party dreams come true. He is a Magic Man —  and one I’m proud to call a friend, Find out how this Beautiful Human being does it in his book: Born to Party, Forced to Work: 21st Century Hospitality.  So Suzy Says.