Belgian Loafers

Whether you or your man/boy know it or not, he needs a pair of these classic Belgian loafers which can go from the beach to the boardroom.  And lucky for you, there is also a woman’s line. So Suzy Says.

Gingham Swimwear: The Suit

For those of you who love classic gingham but prefer a bit more material this suit is for you. So Suzy Says.

Chic Chantelles for Your Feet

In Vogue.  Add a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit with these Parisian flats.  So Suzy Says. 

Must Have Lip Quencher

A must have for your summer cosmetic bag, this lip gloss adds a dash of color with a concentrate of hyaluronic acid. Which combine to give your lips a summer sheen — and fill in wrinkles and fine lines while boosting their volume and smoothness. So Suzy Says.

Fine Italian Sandals…From Southhampton

Hermes-like sandals that will cradle your feet in style… straight from Southhampton, NY. So Suzy Says.


No matter which beach you’re on — I discovered it at their Southhampton boutique — Letarte will have you covered perfectly. So Suzy Says.

Stripe Up …. the Shoe

A Classic espadrille that’s easy to wear and to pack. Plus, it compliments any summer outfit.  So Suzy Says.  

Gingham Bikini

An oldie  but goodie… perfect for any waterside statement. So Suzy Says. 

Medical Medium

Medical Medium Anthony William has helped tens of thousands heal themselves after traditional Western medicine failed to treat them adequately.  You can learn about his craft – and about yourself – in his book. And take a look at his thoughts about the Mysteries of the Thyroid on Goop too. So Suzy Says.  

Chic Sailing… on a Little Boat

Petit Bateau’s classic boat shirt – comes in red and  grey – is perfect-wear for any summer vessel. So Suzy Says.

Orithyia: For the Athlete and Adventurer Within

My friend, Mary Darling introduced me to The Voyager Collection for whom she models.  The  debut collection of Pamela Hunt Thomas The Voyager Collection brings simple elegance to workout wear. Hunt Thomas’ designs are culled from her creative background – she studied graphic design at Boston University and then fashion and design  at New York’s FIT  and Polimoda in Florence. Hunt … Continue Reading

Sea Horse

These are the perfect swim trunks for your man/boy to horse around in — on land or sea.  So Suzy Says.