Sexy Back

Make ’em love you as you’re walking out the door… with this shirt. So Suzy Says.

The Colleagues

The Colleagues’ Resale Room located in Santa Monica at 3312 Pico Blvd (near Centinela Blvd) sells vintage, budget and designer clothes, accessories, jewelry, menswear, antiques, decorative arts, and home goods. The funds generated by  The Colleagues help The Children’s Institute improve the lives of more than 24,000 children and families each year. If you’re going vintage go see … Continue Reading

The (Shoe) Doctor is In

These Dr. Martens boots are a chic new twist on the classic boot that will add an edge to any fall ensemble. Your tween will love you if you buy it as part of her back to school supplies. So Suzy Says.

Summer Splash

This dress is a great way to end your summer party season with a fashion bang. This halter dress has stripes and ruffles below the bodice and best of all, patch side pockets. Adjustable ties, lined with hidden side zipper. Enjoy. So Suzy Says.    

Sexy Satin

Turn heads in this stunning midi dress in a striking gold satin finish. Delicate, skinny straps cross the back adding a touch of modern glamour. So Suzy Says. 

Middle of August

I saw a gal wearing these Birkenstocks with a blue and white striped shirt, shorts and hot red lips at the Farmers’ Market and had to share. Her look was perfect summer Sunday wear. Trust me, they’re cuter on. Plus, they’re only $30 so enjoy this dash of white before Labor Day.

TieDye Titillation

This maxi dress is sexy with flipflops or cowboy boots and a jean jacket. And it’s only $35,  So Suzy Says.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses…

For your face with Fresh’s Rose Face Mask. It’s  hydrating and toning action; rose petals caress and restore the skin.  Rejuvenate your face tonight and start tomorrow right  Or, start off your morning by applying this mask for 10 minutes and you’ll face your day fresh as a rose So Suzy Says.

A Panicky Memoir

Rebecca Brown took her mother’s lessons that the world is a dangerous place to heart. In her memoir, “Stop, Drop and Panic” she shares what it’s like to live  with the panic instilled in her by her Italian-American mother. This blithe and loving coming-of-age memoir is a fun read. So Suzy Says.

Too Cool for School

Kabaccha Shoes are handmade by Italian artisans who use only the finest material available to create these beautiful shoes that are as comfortable as they are cool.  They come in a variety of color combos. Your man/boy will thank you with every step he takes. So Suzy Says.

Renew Your Skin

This lotion is for anyone with dry skin or eczema who wants to see and feel their skin as if for the first time. So Suzy Says.

Tie Your Chic On

A sexy twist on a white shirt that shows off just enough skin. Pair it with jeans for day or trouswes for night and wow ’em 24/7. So Suzy Says.

Charity for Furry Friends: Please Help.

Looking to get involved in helping your fury friends?  Well, then, look no further.  Marc Ching’s The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation focuses on rescuing abused dogs and dogs from the meat trade throughout Asia so that they can rehabilitated and eventually adopted. Ching’s foundation and his Pet Restaurant do indescribable good for dogs – and humanity. When you see … Continue Reading