Hollywood Podcast

Mega producer Todd Garner, a longtime studio executive whose 40 plus producing credits range from Radio to the Paul Blart: Mall Cop franchise has added podcaster to his resume. The Producer’s Guide reveals that Garner is also a stellar interviewer. Learn what a producer actually does. So Suzy Says. 

Capitol Curation

Stop into the Brentwood Country Mart’s Capitol ,  Laura Vinroot Poole’s luxury boutique featuring well-curated picks from the worlds of fashion, fragrance and footwear. The store is as beautiful as the wares it sells… and my darling Clementine who will be working there too  . So Suzy Says.          

Foot Rope

Kick back and let your feet enjoy a vacation anytime, anywhere with these Rose Braid Slide Sandals. So Suzy Says.

Spotty Sandal

Mango’s Leopard leather sandals give you spot on style in a low-heeled sandal. Strut your summer style. So Suzy Says.


Brooks Brothers Leather Flip-Flops are a summer classic whether you’re walking in Bangor or Baja they’ll fit right in. They come in dark brown and tan: both colors are perfect club attire. So Suzy Says.

Mix It Up

Splash Mixers are Entertainologist Lulu Powers’ secret ingredient for a great cocktail. Mix up the perfect Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, Mojito, or Margarita.  Salute. So Suzy Says.  

Mother’s Day Gift

Give the gift of organization to the person who organizes everyone. AmazonBasics Accessory Box will let mom have a place for everything so she can put everything in its place. Happy Mother’s Day. So Suzy Says.  

Hair Care

The Yves Durif Petite Brush And Comb Set is an investment in your hair. The Italian made, resin hairbrush will make all of your tangles history, and like its static-free, comb companion can be used on wet or dry hair. Makes the perfect summer house guest gift. So Suzy Says.

Toddler Topper

This little chapeau offers chic  sun protection for the oh-so-very delicate skin of little humans aged  18-24 months . Made at a sustainable Certified Fair Trade facility without pesticides or chemicals,  you’ll feel good putting it on top of your tyke. You’re never too young for hats. So Suzy Says. 

Baby Bear

Give the new tyke in your life the perfect gift: an au natural baby bear with which to cuddle. This lovable bear is made from dye-free, organic cotton. Other animals also available. Sweet dreams. So Suzy Says.

Inspire & Nourish

Meghan Markle  aka Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex — and  The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother by Heng Ou,Amely Greeven and  Marisa Belger – are inspiring important conversations about motherhood.   My BFF Darviny and I recently chatted about the importance of the first 40 days postpartum for a … Continue Reading

Mama Bliss

Mamaste: Discover a More Authentic, Balanced, and Joyful Motherhood from Within by Lori Bregman  with contributions from Ursula Cary is the famed doula’s holistic guide to more fulfilling motherhood. Find her “five expressions of motherhood”—Action Mama, Flow Mama, Rebel Mama, Vulnerable Mama, and Free Mama— and find yourself at peace. Mamaste. So Suzy Says.

Field Notes

Of Love and Dust by Ernest J. Gaines is an emotional tale of love and revenge. Murder suspect Marcus is released from jail on bond and sent to the Hebert plantation to work in the fields. While ion the plantation Marcus  the overseer, Sidney Bonbon, butt heads which leads to an intricate drama. Classic. So Suzy … Continue Reading