The Kitten Palace is a family business that breads perfect  Tea Cup and Persian Kittens….like our family’s new baby. They’re purr-fect, ethical cat people. So Suzy Says.        

Hats… On

Filu Hats’ Mauritius Grosgrain-Trimmed Straw Hat  will protect you as if you were on the Indian Ocean  island-nation while maintaining your city style. A great combination. Also comes in black. So Suzy Says.    


Lacoste’s Pink Murphy Beach Towel measures  36” x 72” and makes the perfect Terry Cloth island for you either by the pool or sea. So Suzy Says.

From the Top

Gisou By Negin Mirsalehi Honey Infused Hair Perfume  is enriched with honey from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, Gisou. Enrich your hair – and delight your nose. Up your beauty routine from the top. So Suzy Says.

St. Tropez Tan

The St. Tropez Self Tanner is a smooth ans sultry mouse. Use it with the St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Mitt and your skin will look you just returned from St. Tropez. So Suzy Says.  

Face Trainer

Face Gym Training Sticks are activated by sweat. Condition your body and your skin with this innovative line. Formulas include; Multi-Vitamin,  Pink Clay, Activated Charcoal and Spirulina. Improve and surprise yourself. So Suzy Says.

Hear Ye

Part Town Crier, part social secretary, HearYe is the social networking app that enables users to plan less and do more. Download this free, elegant app that’s the solution to planning casual outings and events. So Suzy Says.

Good Oil

Thanks, Elissa Goodman for the oily tip of Avohass California Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. A tasty, healthy alternative to Olive Oil, Enjoy. So Suzy Says.  

Foot Pennies

The Brooks Brothers 1818 Footwear Rubber-Sole Leather Penny Loafers are like your childhood penny loafers — on steroids. Made from fine leather by expert craftsmpeople, they’re versatile and comfortable. Ground your man/boy’s year-round wardrobe with these classic shoes. So Suzy Says.


Gentleman’s Hardware BBQ Tool Set is a 5-in-1 BBQ tool that will give your man/boy the right equipment for any backyard occasion. So Suzy Says.

Pop Up Facts

Who Am I? Where Did I Come From?  by Dr. Ruth Westheimer with illustrations by  Jane Massey is the charming, straight forward sex educator’s pre-school level explanation of sex. I remember reading this book to my three children.  It’s an oldie but goodie… like the good doctor herself. So Suzy Says. 


Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott met when Piggott asked Alas for a light. The rest is fashion branding history. Find out why in this gorgeous book. So Suzy Says.