So It Begins…

Hello, fellow parents who find their nests empty.  My heart goes out to you. I look forward to what all of us will do in the next chapter. So Suzy Says.

Bag It

My friend Natasha’s daughter, Ava, is a teen ambassador for LumillaMingus, purveyors of cool stuff — like this fashionable incarnation of a Fanny pack that is the perfect gift for your high schooler or college kid.  So Suzy says.    

Shell Game

It’s all about the layered necklaces from Baublebar; feel pretty and on budget with the brand’s Concha Pendant Necklace. A chic shell — and heart —  game. So Suzy Says.


I am a big fan of Kate Hudson’s casual, West Coast chic which infuses HappyxNature’s retro inspired collection. This maxi dress is sexy and good for the environment too. So Suzy

Never Enough

H&M’s – Oversized Cotton Shirt in white – because you can never own enough of a classic. So Suzy Says.

Sell Short

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all your man/boy has to do is call … on these Nantucket Red Shorts and he’ll be all set. .. and all will be swell. So Suzy Says.

Smooth Suede

Grenson Men’s Suede Wingtip Brogue Sneakers are the best thing to happen to your Man/Boy’s casual Friday wardrobe in years. So Suzy Says.

Everyday Sexy

You’ll be too sexy for yourself — and comfortable in BLUEBELLA’s Tallie Frilled High-Rise Lace briefs. So Suzy Says.  

Fine Dining Daily

I believe in using real, cotton napkins along with my china so that meal time is elevated with good manners and an appreciation of fine dining. So Suzy Says.


The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s classic, is worth reading again. Enjoy the beauty of Fitzgerald’s tale without the pressure of school. So Suzy Says. 

Desire: A Quick Read

The Body in Question by Jill Ciment explores female desire via a romance between two sequestered jurors. A riveting exploration of animal instincts. So Suzy Says. 

An Un Fable

Been There, Married That is Gigi Levangie semi-autobiographical tale about the perfect Hollywood romance that heads south. A fun, fabulous un-fable. Kudos to my rockstar friend, Gigi! So Suzy Says.